I agree (and think I said? I at least meant to) that it's controlling, out of bounds, and borderline abusive.

For me the biggest issue is the message this sends. Wavy is being told by the most influential man in her life that he likes her better and thinks she only looks pretty when she straightens her hair. Those may not have been the words used precisely, but that is the message. It says she's not good enough unless she does this to please him. Furthermore, the message continues to say it's OK for a man to tell you how to look. And if you don't comply, you deserve to be punished.

Punishment is valid and important for parents to use as needed with their children. But to punish behavior, not appearance. It shouldn't be used as a manipulative tool to get one's way on this type of issue.

No punishment would be appropriate in this case, but dangling your permit over it is so overthetop, and very disproportionate. I agree maybe talking to a school counselor might be a good move.

I know it's like "it's just hair - calm down." but there really is a deeper issue here, an inappropriate message, and a situation I feel you should stand your ground on. It will help remind you that that message is NOT correct. And surprisingly enough, those messages like that will creep into your head for years - and half the time you won't even know it.

Take care, Wavy!! I hope all goes smoothly!!
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