Garnier Triple Nutrition is the best I've used for detangling.

Have you looked into other potential reasons her hair is tangling? Is it at optimal health? I find that hair often tangles at the girl sleeping with loose hair, or is it wrapped or braided? (braiding for the night works really well for those with long hair, plus on some people makes nice waves the next day when released).

4a?? Maybe 3c...some 4b??? No clue

tiny s-waves, coils, and spirals

- Cleanser: CJ Daily Fix or KC Come Clean
- Co-wash: Suave Naturals or V05
- RO: GVP Conditioning Balm or Tresemme Naturals
-Stylers: Garnier Pure Clean Gel, CJ Aloe Fix, KCCC

"I remember your childhood hair....flowin' wild at the county fair" - kelley stoltz

"and all the hours that you've been sitting at your vanity....may they carry you far from your misery" - conor oberst