I've (and others) been criticized for sharing my experiences as a light-skinned black female--even here on nc.com. I believe the term I saw once used here to label it was "tragic mulatto." I'm just learning now that my son was bullied and criticized all through school by darker-skinned blacks as well, which broke my heart because I raised him in this area hoping to avoid that very thing.

My personal experience has been that many darker-skinned black women think that we light-skinned black women/girls actually believe that we are superior to them, when the exact opposite is actually the case much of the time. We are often so ostracized by both sides that we feel inferior to everyone--at least that was my own experience. I grew up in a different time, though, and in a small town.

That's not to say that some light-skinned black women/girls don't exhibit signs of superiority complexes, but, as always, one shouldn't assume or generalize. It might just be a retaliatory or compensatory behavior, as many aberrant behaviors are.
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