My dad worked as a delivery driver for Hostess and lost his job. Talking to him, management has been very poorly managing the company for some time. The employees took concessions to their benefits and pay 3 years ago; the company stopped paying into their retirement, cut his pay by $140 a week, and he had to start paying $67 a week towards his insurance. Things have been a little tighter since then, but manageable.

This last round the Teamsters Union, who is the union for the ~15,000 drivers, made even further concessions, but the bakers union refused. So about 3,000 bakers put 15,000 additional people out of work. My dad has worked with Hostess/WonderBread for close to 30 years, and now he has nothing to show for it. He also got thrown into a low job market (delivery drivers) thanks to the bakers (who have a much better chance of finding a job because they helped bake an American icon).

Granted, the company was very poorly managed, it's just a messed up situation. Now those truck drivers can only collect their retirement if they don't do anything they were trained to do, make less than x amount of money per year, etc. And it will only get paid into if they get a job with a company that has the same union, otherwise it's starting from scratch.

The Hostess thing just hits very close to home... Don't mean to get on a soap box about it. My dad said it was so hard watching the company make so many mistakes and it just stopped listening to its employees (and the unions said they couldn't do anything). And it really grinds my gears that these executives want MORE... How about all the employees that went to work Friday morning and were told to hand in their keys when they got back to the bakery/depot, because hey you're fired after 30 years?

I'll get off my soap box now... Just ugh. Partly venting partly sharing another facet of the Hostess shut down. *half-hearted smile*

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