I use a LI called Chihtsai Instant Treatment #12. It's a hard to find product in the U.S., but they sell it on Amazon. It's $40 on Amazon, which is expensive, but...
1. It's highly concentrated (I used a pea size amount) and it lasts a long time.
2. I don't need to use other products, such as conditioners or moisturizers or treatments, because I use this.

It's from a hair product line that's popular in Indonesia. It's advertised in lots of magazines that are printed in languages I can't read.
From the site:
Chihtsai was created by its Chinese literal significance and the meanings are:
Chih: Scented plant with legendary anti-aging effects
Tsai: Colorful, glittering, shine, also adopts the surname of the founders Mr. & Mrs. Tsai.