Me too! I am still really trying to figure out technique and products though. Never quite get it where I want it . . . I am wondering if people can share their process to help us get some ideas. Like right now I rake through condish in the shower, scrunch lightly, rinse upside down, scrunch in LI, jelly while soaking wet, then scruch dry with microfiber towel, scrunch in gel, clip, diffuse till partly dry, scrunch in more jelly a la Smasters, then diffuse dry a bit longer and smooth on some Mirror Curls when hair is all the way dry. This seems to be working ok but kind of stringy and producty still. Are you ladies doing anything that is working??
2a canopy, 1c underneath, Medium Thick
Medium Texture, Normal Porosity, Normal Elasticity
Low Poo: MOP C-System Hydrating Shampoo, Alba Clarifying
RO/LI: Deva One C/Renpure Argan
Winter Stylers: Organix Curl Defining Cream, KMS Curl Up Control Creme, AIF, Pantene Curly Hair Mousse, Biolage Gelee, Deva Mirror Curls
Summer: Switch from creams to jellies, KCCC, CIAB.
CG since July 2011