Thanks dresden and jas it was just an experiment. The curl gradually fell out of my hair and I did get some frizzies by the end of day 1. Day 2 my hair got practically straight, and today it feels like straw. Is it possible that gel helps to hold the moisture in? I never use a leave-in anymore Sus811, I would need something without glycerin. That usually makes me frizz like crazy. Then the few times I used sm smoothie I got straw hair too. BTW, I loved your product-free spirals!
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Thanks, but even mine fell out (again, I don't know what it means to not touch my hair lol and when it's fuzzy and unruly I am worse about trying to tame it away from my face!!). I don't use leave in conditioner, just my normal shower conditioner I don't rinse out all of the way if I'm lazy/naked that day lol

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