I think detanglers are so subjective. I don't find most popular CG conditioners to have enough slip for detangling my hair. The best detangler for my 3b curls is Aussie Moist Conditioner and it's really inexpensive. Target sells the large bottle with a pump for around $5-$6. Before I discovered NC.com, I used Pantene conditioner and found it to work really well. The Pantene can be found in a large-size bottle, as well.
3b, fine texture, low to normal porosity
Low Poos:
MOP C Hydrating, JC HCC, Ion Swimmer's Poo
Condish: GVP Balm, Kenra, Tigi Oatmeal/Honey, DE Coconut
Leave-In: BWC, Abba Gentle, KBB Nectar, GFTN
Stylers: CJ AF/CIAB, SS CEJ/FHG, QCCC, Komaza Puddings, EW SAJ or Alba Soft Curl w/KKSS, Kenra, Homemade FSG, AOMM, CK/QB HTSG

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