I had a great interview this morning!

I had had a phone interview with them last week, and the in-person second round today. It's for a very small non-profit.

The young woman commented on how wonderful my energy is (I get that ALL THE TIME, so I'm glad I'm not giving-off "psycho depressed unemployed desperate girl" vibe, because I'm feeling that.........) and came-right out and said, "I'm not going to bore you with all the details of this position because it's OBVIOUS you are EXTREMELY CAPABLE of being an office manager."

We actually have a friend in common (somebody I worked with!) and he said he'd talk me up to her.

I then went to another staffing agency and peeked (it was RIGHT THERE) at another woman's application on the desk. Her minimum salary requirement was $100,000. It made me remember how many very very experienced, qualified people are searching and in the same boat as I and how picky employers can afford to be. It's not just me. here's somebody who was making more than 3x my salary who was at a staffing agency. Maybe she got laid-off or fired and has been struggling for two years, too.

I'm a teeny bit nervous because I'm really not sure if my retail job is just seasonal. I had applied for both a seasonal and part-time position there. The seasonal was the most recent. When we filled-out my paperwork on my first day, the manager said, "I'm actually not sure if you're part-time or seasonal! Let me check." And she came back and said I was part-time. But then the brand-new assistant manager said that everybody is part-time if they're not mangers. I think I'm going to give it two weeks and then ask them if I'm strictly seasonal. I just don't want to worry about money/need to know if I should be looking for another retail job for January.