I agree that it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive to continue my love affair with this stuff

I have probably a week's worth left - I'm just going to live it up while I can and then on to the next item to use up.


...and to think that I literally had it in my hand getting ready to toss it straight in the trash!
Originally Posted by parzy
On the 4 boards, I think people were discussing either a product that is similar for cheap, or a way to make it for cheap. Either way, do a search and the love could continue!

...How much did you use? Did you smooth, rake, scrunch it in? *curious*

ETA - I think I also read about a 2c with fine hair but lots of it getting similar results from (the very different product from what I understand) Blended Beauty Curly Frizz Pudding. What is it with puddings??

...It's a siggie.