I cannot believe I forgot this option, but grapeseed extract in capsule form does WONDERS for hair loss. Also Nizoral shampoo (not nioxin) which is a little harder to find. Take the grapeseed as directed on the bottle. I used it while on a chemo medication for autoimmune disease and it stopped the hair loss.

Nizoral is NOT CG approved, but we're talking hair loss and that is the most important thing, I think. Anyway, I used it by spreading it over my scalp, scrubbing VERY gently, and then let it sit on there for 5-10 minutes before you rinse. You can then start your regular curl wash routine. Nizoral works by blocking androgens - in simplest wording, there is a byproduct of testosterone that is in the scalp. Some people have higher levels than others, and it's normal to have some. But if you have a little too much, it can cause hair loss. I was losing my bangs area and sides, they were all dramatically thinner, and I was desperate to try anything. Nizoral worked for me, very well. Here's more about it: http://www.howtoall.com/Menshealthfi...phairloss1.htm

There are just as many articles saying it doesn't work as there are saying it works. All I know is I have baby hair growing back in. It's finer than the rest, but it exists!

Best of luck. Please do report back how you're doing. :-)