My name is Jolene and my husband's name is Joey. I love curly hair, but I have more of a straight or 2a, straight to wavy hair style naturally. My husband had gorgeous, large and loopy 3a curls in 2009 and 2010, but when he cut his hair and grew it back out then became unhealthy, thin and limper! Now his hair is more like 2a if even :/ Sometimes 2c is still there if it is a really nice hair day. Is there anyway to get his curls back or not? We tried to trim it and some of the bounce came back, but his hair is badly damaged from what I can tell, thin and frizzy, and I'm not sure how to help him with it.
This is his hair before
This is our prom, 2008

My cousin's baby shower, 2008

This is our graduation, 2008

This is early 2009 while grown out and he barely had any curl or body to his hair because it was not healthy and was longer at the time.I think his hair still looks better than this one now. (It isn't clear, but you can see his hair was only a little wavy by that time.)

The next one is 2 years ago at the end of 2010. Then he had already cut off his hair and regrew it once. You can't see well, but his curls show in the front and are back to their spiral selves. You can tell he has more body because on < (your left) the other side of the yellow streamers his hair is puffed out there. lol

In my opinion, his curls were once again nice and healthy at that time. Now they look more like 2009 and I want to help him get the body and shine back in his hair while rejuvenating his natural curls to what they were. These two are from July of 2012, our one year marriage anniversary and he has trimmed it a little since.

Now it just has a little wave and a few spiral curls now and then. I'm not sure if they can be salvaged or not, but I m about to have his hair professionally curled because I am so used to his curly hair and it is weird to see him without it! lol. I would appreciate any ideas.
Our first born inherited his curls too. Similar pattern, only not as close to the scalp and a little looser because mommy's is just a little wavy. :]

Thank you for any replies. xo

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