I didn't read the whole thread, but this is my opinion:

I joined this board in 2004 and I was strictly on the hair boards for the first 2 years. I do not like the CG thing. I tried it for a year or so, but I'm just in a constant state of trial and error and frustrated with my hair when I'm all natural. Plus I feel like I have more frizz, and I do not like the flat, stringy over conditioned look. But I did learn a lot from my trial and error practice.

I use shampoo. Daily unless I'm feeling overly dry. I alternate between a sulfate free, and a sulfate shampoo. I like L'Oreal Ever-whatever, and Clear scalp therapy shampoo. I don't condition daily. Maybe once a week. I deep treat with either a deep conditioner, or an oil treatment, about twice a month.

I don't use anything containing cyclomethicone, or cyclopentasiloxane. Ever. I'm strict about that. I usually don't use a product that has any silicone as the first ingredient, but I'm not so picky about the other cones BC I shampoo and they don't cause problems for me.

I don't overdue coconut oil (protein) and I don't use products with much protein in them. It makes my hair strawlike.

I don't like using product anymore BC I can't stand feeling it in my hair. I will use a mousse or a light hold gel, only on very wet hair. I used to love Curlkeeper, and I like straight aloe gel. Both work well as a sealer for me.

I like natural texture in hair. I do not consider overly producty/oily/manipulated hair to be in a natural state.

I color my hair often. Its in pretty good shape. Heat is what will destroy your hair. Not shampoo. Unfortunately my hair does look better when heat styled.

Take from that what you will!

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