Are you a light sleeper? I've always had insomnia but lately I can fall asleep under an hour, probably within 20 mins as long as bf doesn't start snoring. The problem is, whether I'm alone or not, I wake up in the middle of the night and it takes me another 20 mins or so to fall asleep. The bigger problem is, usually my bf is snoring and I can't. I did some searching on some old threads and I'm going to try this -

MidNite | MidNite

He said his ex and his exwife also complained about the snoring. He tried the nose strips but he said after a few days they dont work anymore. I just recently started noticing the snoring. Either I'm sleeping even lighter or the colder weather is making it worse(which was the case for my ex). My ex and I had to sleep in separate rooms for a while in the winter.

His snoring is light so I'm thinking earplugs could work. I'm guessing there is no real solution to the snoring. I've read about the sleep studies and the machine, i don't expect him to wear that crap while he's sleeping.