I did a little research and these two ingredients look fairly similar. VP/VA Copolymer = Polyvinylpyrrolidone/Vinyl Acetate (VP/VA) Copolymer. PVP = Povidone or Polyvinylpyrrolidone. According to cosmeticsinfo.org they perform similar functions, both of them acting to suspend an insoluble solid in a liquid product, and help hair holds its style by inhibit its ability to absorb moisture. However, only VP/VA Coplymer's page mentions that it "dries to form a thin coating on the skin, hair or nails". I'm guessing that gels with VP/VA Copolymer would form a "better" gel cast than gels without it, but I don't have any solid evidence to turn that from a guess to a fact. IAGirl might have more or better info.

In the meantime, EWG's (Skin Deep Cosmetics Database) page here has a long list of products with VP/VA Copolymer if you'd like to have a look.
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I wish I saw this before I bought Cream Set, which is supposed to be a gel alternative. My hair hates PVP so Ecostyler and the like is a no go but when I saw VP/VA Copolymer I wasn't familiar with it and thought it might be okay. Plus the jar says no buildup and my hair easily gets buildup which equals dryness. Last night I went to cowash my hair and I could tell after two washes the stuff was still in my hair. My hair wasn't able to get any moisture in. It was suffocating. Finally I coated my hair with condtioner and shampooed with a very moisturizing bar. I watched the moisture come back to my hair. I'm either taking this back to Sally's on only using it right before a shampoo.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.