I have come across temp jobs, but I cant leave a perm job for a job that may only last a few months. I have found jobs that i know i can do, but they require further education or special licensing.

i also know of jobs but they are not in my field, i have no clue how to do them.

my dad works at a job that does not require an diploma or GED (one of the few left in the world). one of my bff's husband does not have a diploma. She told her husband about a posible job opening, the minute he found out it evolves hard work (the company cleans of oil spills and its very dirty) he said he wasnt interested. Really? He makes maybe 100$ a week. his wife hours just got cut and she is paying all the bills and they sometimes dont have food in the house, but you wont do a job that pays 18$/hr plus benefits because you dont want to get dirty? WOW!