Down is too hot for me. I prefer lightweight cotton comforters or quilts. They have to be SUPER lightweight. A good mattress pad is the place to start. I already have a foam topper as part of my mattress, so I just add a thick cotton pad. Good sheets are next. I think Lands End has the best sheets. They are the only company I know of where the top sheet is LONG enough to tuck in and have enough left over to fold over the blanket to protect my face from the blanket. I hate being short-sheeted with the crap sheets the Big Box stores sell. Sheets don't have to be 1,000 count to be good. 400 or so is good enough, I think. Don't forget to get a silk pillowcase. There are vendors on eBay that sell 30 momme silk cases for about $30. Anything lower than 30 mm is not going to hold up to daily use. Never put silk in the dryer. I hang dry my silk pillowcases. They dry quickly.