Lol! I'll tell Vinnie he has a fan club!

One of our other cats, Toby, has severe skin issues that are food allergy related, so all of them are on grain-free super duper high quality food that has no by products, nasty stuff, corn, wheat, rice or other grain or filler. For crunchies, it's Ori-Jen. For a treat three times a week, they get Trader Joe's "tuna for cats" food, which is nothing but tuna and vitamins/nutrients. The tuna masks the smell and taste of all the vitamins, and they go nuts for it! The sole purpose of this is to get water into the boys who don't like to drink it, and Metamucil fiber additive into Vinnie's touchy belly.

Yes, Vinnie is huge. We also occasionally call him Fat Elvis, because he has a sneer when his lip gets caught on his tooth...Time for cute-pet-pics again...-imageuploadedbycurltalk1354147448.829189.jpg