For the women in my family I love stuffing the stocking with perfume (I got my mom the Vera Wang Princess and my sister the Prada candy), makeup such as lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish, lip gloss, blush, mascara, makeup brushes ect various creams, primers maybe even a cute makeup bag.
I also get some chocolate truffles, cute mittens or gloves, I got my sister a cute watch as a stocking stuffer, earrings or if you dont want to add real jewellery you can add cute costume pieces. I also get some products that I know the person uses like bath gel, face cleanser, their fav brand of conditioner, shampoo or hair products and accessories. I have even added small bottles of liquor, gift certificates to their fav store I also got everyone movie gift cards for a night out at the movies, bath products I usually buy at bath and body works they have really nice candles hand sanitizers lotions ect. I also got my sister this flat iron she wanted
I got my mom a cute pair of sun glasses from Guess for her stocking.
I got my sister a new case for her cell phone... I got soo many things I can't even remember them right now when I go through the bags I may come back and add to this list if you need more ideas. At least with stocking stuffers you don't have to do much wrapping. Our Stockings are huge by the way which was my mom's doing but it's good because I can fit a lot of stuff into them.