Sometimes it is hard to think about diets and eating right when there are so many delightful temptations around. I have an even bigger issue since I have a trip before Christmas (all you can eat everything) and a birthday (several birthday dinners out) and then Christmas and of course we always do something for New Years and directly after that birthdays galore which means eating out even more. What I do to help combat all the extra sweets is go to the gym! I try to get in my work outs even when I am away on vacation and I don't worry about all the food until after the holidays, then I buckle down and start eating properly again. If the gym is closed on the holiday I use my home gym I dont have all the equipment but it helps a lot when the weather is cold and there is snow. I just get changed go downstairs and get on the elliptical, treadmill, bike, ab lounger, and do some weights all while I watch TV. I also do yoga at home, step aerobics and some boxing work outs...I feel a lot less guilty during the holidays when I stay active and I end up not gaining much weight if anything at all. You want to enjoy all the food but in moderation its a good idea not to use the holidays as an excuse to overdo it.

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