I love bare necessities, I've been shopping with them for years. I buy all my bras online... You won't find a 34 HH at Pennys that's for sure. I also like figleaves. Both normally have pretty good sales 2-3 times a year but this past black Friday was just weak. I've never had a problem buying or returning. I also recently found a British company I like. I can't remember the name right now but they were pretty good on size availability. Only problem w/ the British company is I live in Maryland so my bras had to go through homeland security... Seriously... It took an extra few weeks for them to arrive. Trust me there was no WMD in that box!

Happy shopping

Does anyone have any experience with returning to Bare Necessities or Her Room?

Any other sites anyone would recommend for buying bras online?

I have bought from Bare Necessities before & been happy but I was certain of my size/style and knew I wouldn't have to return. I can't find my size in many styles in any brick & mortar retail stores so I need to purchase online. But I want somewhere that will be easy to return if necessary.
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