Could be a couple of things... 1) Your hair might be over conditioned, in which case a quick protein treatment might help out. 2) Not sure where you are located, but in weather with low dew points (usually less than 35 degree dewpoint), you might try using some products with antihumectants and avoid glycerin. I'm currently using Regis Olive Oil leave in (olive oil is an antihumectant) to seal my hair before applying my styling products. That helped cut down the frizz i started experiencing when the weather changed over. 3) you might be due for a trim. Whenever my hair starts going limp and silly, I clarify once with a sulfate shampoo to make sure it isn't buildup. If that doesn't work, I go in for a trim and that works like a charm. For me, it's about every 10-11 weeks.
Hair Properties: 2A/2B, Medium-fine, Normal porosity, Normal elasticity, Medium density
Low Poo: DevaCare, Yes to Cuc's
Rinse Out: DevaCare One Condition, Yes to Cuc's
Cowash: Suave Naturals Lavender, Yes to Carrots Scalp Conditioner
Curl Cream: AG ReCoil, Organix Moroccan Oil Curl Cream
Gel/Mousse: Sweet Curls Elixirs FSG w/ Mag Sulfate added, Sweet Curls Elixirs hard hold gel, DevaCurl Frizz Free Foam, Aquage Uplifting Foam
Protein: Spiral Solutions Protein Spray for daily use