I want to do a ponytail with some poof around the crown, just to fluff things up and keep it from being flat and boring. I like this if I cant get second day hair and dont want to wash. But as soon as I get the ponytail holder wrapped about 3 times it's all flattened down!
I am always afraid to backcomb but I think that's the ticket. Any suggestions or tips how to get a little volume but not look like ridiculous?

3a/3b, shoulder length and growing!
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I have 3a/3b hair....I do this quite a lot. I first take the front section of my hair and use a barrette like the ones on the left in this link:
EyeCandy - Category Browse: HAIR ACCESSORIES

Using it to anchor that front top part of my hair into the poof. Then just gather up all of your hair and do a pony. Sometimes the pony will go higher than the barrette, sometimes right below...just ignore that it's there. I couldn't live without those little boogers! Use 99% of the time! I'll try to find a good pic if it helps.