I always put my husband's favorite candies, movies, CDs, and a slinky. Always a slinky.
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I might add Silly Putty

Top Poppers (the kind you turn inside out, lay on a flat surface and cringe until it finally pops up into the air)

A new line of Men's Care line for him (Nivea has: Body Wash, a 3-in-1 Body Wash that acts as shampoo, body was and shave gel/cream(?), face wash, face scrub, shaving gels and creams and moisturizing balms for after shaving (basically moisturizer without telling them it's moisturizer. There's even one called "Protective Lotion" that has SPF 15 in it!) Gillette even has a series and it looks more macho he-manly if he thinks it's too girly to wash, scrub and moisturize his face. And...if he suffers from ingrown hairs from shaving, these lines totally helped my brother get rid of that.

His favorite cologne or your favorite cologne on him.

Is this going to be opened in front of anybody other than you two? If it's just you two, I recommend chucking some sexy lingerie or naughty toys for the both of you!

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