I don't really have a comment on the pregnancy itself, but the mother. People like Jessica Simpson should not procreate! I mean, come on! Can you imagine her trying to teach all her kids about the foods? "And this is tuna fish, it's chicken!"

My mom had my brothers 1 year and 1 week exactly apart. It wasn't planned, but was a happy event. The older brother started walking one week before the youngest was born so she didn't have the worry of trying to figure out how to carry a baby and a toddler.

Then she went on to have me and my sister. She had me at 32 and my sister at 37. They told her she was too old to have us, she'd never be able to keep up with us and that there could be medical problems. Well, she was already pregnant (during the 70's and early 80's)...whatcha gonna do, huh? Guess you just roll with the punches.

But I sincerely hope the father is very active in this (these) kid(s) lives, because he's their only hope!

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