Jessica is in her 30's. She's overweight and has been overweight for many
years. She had a surgical delivery with her first baby just 7 months ago. I
fit all those criteria and I found recovering from pregnancy/surgery difficult.
I have 4 kids, 3 of them delivered surgically. None were as close-together as
hers...not sure my body would have liked it very much.

As to the underlined - oh please. She may not have been "Hollywood thin" for a while, but in "real world" terms there's no damn way she would have been considered overweight before she got pregnant.

You are definitely projecting from your own experiences. Just because you had a difficult time recovering from your pregnancies does not mean that most people will.

My girlfriend had her first at 33, then got pregnant again when baby was 4 months old. She recovered just fine from both, and was back in her size 4s 6 months after baby #2.

And as for early 30s being considered practically elderly in the world of obstretrics... um, maybe in 1812. But today that's just nonsense.
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I had 2 babies in my late 30' of those by obviously I don't hold to the obstetrical adage of 30's being elderly. It's not really nonsense though. There really is more risk in pregnancies of those age mid-30 and older. Higher risk of gestational diabetes, of hypertension, of pre-eclampsia, of premature labor/birth, of uterine rupture, etc. I just chose to accept that risk. I just like to see women who've had c-sections wait a little longer to heal completely before embarking on another pregnancy. It really takes a year to heal completely from the surgery. If not...then there is more risk. Risk doesn't equal definite consequence...just increases the probability. It's math.