Sad for Penner, but really - when he didn't commit last week that was a big mistake.

I almost liked Abi last night - she was playing the game, HARD - even the planting of the seed regarding the additional idol. I ALMOST liked her but not entirely. Her whole "you guys were so awful to me" was just ridiculous, although after Malcolm talked to the camera, I thought that there must have been much more that was edited out. But, her inability to see that she's been a complete wench to everyone else makes me still not QUITE like her

And Lisa - I'll say it again, I have been rooting for her all along - but last night I thought "JUST QUIT IT. PLEASE JUST STOP THIS CRAP. MAKE A DECISION, STICK WITH IT. JUST QUIT IT"

And when she told Penner to go "do whatever magic it is you do" - I totally assumed he'd go into camp and say "okay, I know i"m on the chopping block, but Lisa just told me about your alliance, so let's vote for her" - I really thought her time might be up.

Carter is actually quite a contender, physically.
Abi surprised me in the immunity challenge

I still really like Denise
I think Malcolm has his head in the right place, basing that on previews of next week where he is aware that his brother running his mouth may jeopardize his own place in the game.

Abi's luck has to run out (right???) but with the thought of an additional idol out there, I bet that keeps her safe for a bit - I'm not sure Malcolm believed her or not, but he's got to err on the side of caution.
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