My bf flies a lot for his work. He always sleeps on the plane. I asked him if he wore a snore guard on the plane and he said no, because he doesn't snore while sitting up. One day we were both very tired and were sitting on the couch watching tv. He fell asleep while sitting up.....He was snoring soooo loud. I was imagining how the passengers must feel being on his flights. He now takes his snore guard with him.
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See snoring doesn't bother me when I'm not trying to fall asleep. And I can't sleep during the day or on planes unless I'm unusually tired and at that point, no noise bothers me.

Although last weekend we were napping, I got up to watch tv in the other room, he comes on the couch intending to stay up and he falls asleep and starts snoring! Lol, *******!