Good luck CIBC!!

I'm starting to buy packaging/make things for a craft show or two coming up and to get an etsy store up and running. Going to give that a go for a while and see where it takes me.

On the up side, I got a 100 xmas bonus of my internship this week which was very very kind of her as I know no one else is getting one at all this year. And shes in discussions with her business partner about employing me properly next year. Just one or two days a week - its not remotely enough to live off but its in my chosen area and means I dont have to go back on jobseekers. So Im going to give my art a real go of it and hunt for a publishing internship and if it doesnt pan out, well at least I've tried.

Of course it means it doesnt look like Ill be able to even think about moving out of my parents house. 25 and living at home. God.