I have 2B hair and now that it's cooler and drier outside, I have been using Smooth 'N Shine Curl Activating Mousse. It leaves my hair soft & shiny and it's only about $3 at Target. During the summer, I LOVE AG Beach Bomb for soft, beachy waves. My hair is a moisture maniac, so I never go without my leave-in. I'm still experimenting with my perfect shampoo/condition combo, but I've been using Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter shampoo & conditioner. I get those also at Target for about $10 a piece. I need to find a good deep conditioning mask though, because my normal routine isn't enough moisture now. I usually wash every other day, but more like every 2 days now, and instead of a towel I use one of my man's t-shirts.