Yep. You have to take into account that the 'super models' were freaking glamazons as well (until Kate Moss came along and heroine chic came back and stayed), but most had I guess what they called an athletic build. You could not count their ribs.

It is silliness because there are so many different frames, builds and body types. All should be covered.
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She's probably a size 6 in levi's. LOL I'm just saying. Their sizes are wrong...or maybe they're right and everyone else is wrong..doubt it.

But I wear a 6 and I'm overweight and I'm 5'7 (5'6.75 no one ever lets me be 5'7 dammit) so it just goes to show you. How odd bodies are.

Which is why I don't like discussing weight because everyone thinks they know everything but they don't because everyone's body is different.

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