Hi everyone I've been "lurking" on the forum for a little while and finally decided to join. I've had issues with my hair for as long as I can remember. I've always been very self-conscious about it. When I was younger I just wanted to have straight hair like everyone else. I was even made fun of growing up because my hair was curly. I used to try to straighten my hair but it's so curly it doesn't hold and is always frizzy. It literally used to take my hours to blow dry and then straighten my hair and the outcome was less than desirable. I eventually gave up on straightening it several years ago and have been wearing my hair curly ever since.

My routine is fairly easy- I shampoo and condition every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I am currently using One 'n Only (sulfate free) shampoo and conditioner. I have tried everything, from the most expensive to least expensive and I have never been able to tell much of a difference in the way my hair looks. After I wash my hair I put in two pumps of the One 'n Only curl cream (my hair is very thick) and I let it dry naturally. I wash my hair at night so by the time I wake up in the morning it is 99% dry. In the morning I usually wet my hair just a little and then apply a small amount of Beyond the Zone Noodle Head cream.

Here are the problems I'm having...the hair at the top of my head is extremely frizzy (always has been) and I usually spray the top with hairspray to somewhat tame the frizz. If pull my hair up and pull some of the bottom layer down, there is a drastic difference- the top portion is very dry and looks damaged while the bottom is very healthy looking and almost silky feeling. This doesn't make sense to me because I do not color my hair or use heat on it so I cannot figure out why there is such a difference between the top layer and bottom layer. I have one side of hair that seems to grow faster and is thicker than the other, (I've been told this is normal) but on that side, it is always twice as frizzy as the other side and dryer than the other side. My hair overall has always been extremely dry. Whenever I get my hair cut they always comment on it and try to get me to try some product. I've tried them all though and nothing seems to help.

So I came here looking for some help. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong or what I could do differently? I hate having to spray hairspray and "glue down" the frizz on top and I'm so tired of my hair being so dry. I'm attaching some pictures below to give an idea as to what my hair looks like now. I've never been able to determine what hair type I am- it seems I am between a couple. Any suggestions you all might have would be greatly appreciated