Hello! I've been CG for several years now, although I only got back into the actual styling/trying different products thing about a month or so ago.

Currently, I'm trying to battle frizz and my straighter canopy. I have just past jawlength hair, and I will get lovely, corkscrew like curls underneath and at the nape of my neck and then weak S waves covering it all- and over that, frizz! Frizz everywhere! The ends of my curls and the hair at the back of my head tend to frizz and get all poofy, too.

I've tried cold water rinses, supersoaking, pixie defusing, both protein (Ion Reconstructor) and moisture (combining Shea Moisture's purification mask and restorative conditioner overnight) and nothing seemed to do anything at all vs the frizz. I'm completely baffled as to what my porosity is; my roots dry crazy quickly with an application of a microfiber towel, but the rest takes a little while. I tried the strand test, and there's maybe a little resistance when I run my fingers back along the strand, but only if I press down hard. I can't tell if my hair is dry or not, either; it feels soft when I dry it without product in it...?

My current stylers are KMF Upper Management Gel (works better on me than KCCC did, although to be fair my KCCC was old. Like, a few years old. Ew.) with Lush's Big Tease layered over every other day (I can't seem to use it more than a day in a row without it feeling like it's drying things out...). I have some pink Boots that I need to play with with a gel, too.

Can anybody help me decode what my hair is trying to tell me? I just want some clumpy, defined curls
2b/c, low porosity

Low-Poo: Diluted L'oreal Eversleek shampoo
Co-wash: Currently Trader Joe's Nourish Spa (old formula)
Rinse-out: None! I just do gobs of leave in.
Leave-in: KMF Big Hair (HG! aaaand a discontinued formula. If anyone else knows a proteiny aloe and BMTS based conditioner I can try to replace this with after my stash runs out, let me know!)
Styling: FOTE AVG (HG!), Lush's The Big Tease gel (RIP...)