I always want to but im pretty shy so I never do
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Yeah, but you get a free pass Darcei because you have that wonderful channel on Youtube that helps curlies everywhere

(Lots of people don't have the guts to post public tutorials, btw.)

Once after my deva cut there was a client after me and her curls were really nice but her hair looked like it was "9 day" hair lol I know youre suppose to go in with your hair in its natural state maybe 2nd 3rd day hair that way the stylist gets an idea of how your hair is but Omg lol and I felt bad because I wanted to tell her she had pretty hair when it really kinda wasnt so I said "wow you have really curly hair" (palm on forehead, dumb moment) lol
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This made me laugh. I think you were pretty humane. Imagine if you'd slipped and told her the brutal truth

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