Can someone tell me what it means when your hair just ...rips..? well not ripping, Im being dramatic, it's just not snapping back it just pulls and rips off. =I

My hair was going amazing last week, I was using this product called marshmallow moisture balm, I only had a sample size, I ran out, and I am waiting for my larger order to come. When I was using that, my hair was buttery soft even naked without product, it retained better, the ends curled and didn't fuzz up one bit.

But why is it my hair isn't getting moisturized with washing with my shea moisture curl and shine shampoo, and the organicals DC?

I use to be able to pin point every issue my hair had and correct it.
But I am wondering what I need to change now. I love the organicals DC for it's slip but when I rinse it out it's like I never even DC'd.

To make matters worse, I thought it was a protein issue, so yesterday I decided...maybe it's time for a hard protein, I used aphogee 2 step.

It went okay, my hair has no adverse reactions to protein really, my hair actually loves protein and feels great after protein like always. I know it's a hard protein, I use it once out of maybe 4 or 5 months honestly. (My usual protein conditioner is two step)

My hair feels like it's 'usual' self but after using the marshmallow moisture balm, I realize that isn't good enough. It's thirsty for something, it's elasticity is lower than when I was using the balm.

I mean I just don't get it, I know my problem will be solved once I get the balm but I feel like some other things need to be changed >.< I'm just not sure what.

I just need some advice.

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