This makes me think about a relative of mine who is a computer engineer. People call with all sorts of problems with their computers and the first thing he tells them is to try turning the thing off then on again. Start simple and reboot.

With curly hair, sometimes when the problem seems kind of exotic and annoying, it's good to try hitting "reboot" by removing all product from your hair (shampoo with clarifying shampoo), then add conditioner and see if it's back to normal. While the protein can help you with elasticity, sounds like you've been using a lot of stylers (and products with shea butter can weigh down hair and make it act funny if used w/a heavy hand) ... So it could be that you have build up and/or are over-conditioned, which might explain the seeming loss of elasticity. Try shampooing from roots to end.

Other considerations: have you used any sort of chemical treatments in your hair (relaxers, "texturizers", demi or permanent hair color)?; Anything natural like henna, cassia or Amla? Do you use a lot of heat when you dry or style? In other words, are you doing anything that could lead to an altered hair pattern or hair damage?

Another thing is to explore is ingredients in the products you use. Do they contain a lot of glyerin or alcohol? Any "cones"?

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