Oddly, I got the cat because Buddy has been having such issues when I'm not home. He's been crazy lonely. I came home four hours late a few weeks ago, and he was all wigged out.

Since it's not Armageddon, I'm hoping they'll friend up as the weeks go by. After all, Buddy used to hide under the bed for every little thing, and he got past that.

If nothing else, they'll just ignore each other, but, no fighting right now seems to be a good sign.
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They'll be best buds in no time and you'll be subjected to kitteh porn like I am. I got Chui when Brandi was 3. She was upset (especially since Chui became allies with Onyx the pit/lab) but I knew she was lonely and needed a kitty friend (I also wanted a kitty LOL). But they didn't fight nor was there any hissing (she would swat his high-energy self sometimes--she still does this LOL), but now, they are inseparable. Like sniff and lick each other to death and cuddle till morning inseparable. They play with each other all the time and it brings me great joy watching them. I LOVE IT!!!!