My grandmothers taught me to crochet but I rarely did it so I forgot how. Later as a teen, I bought the "I Taught Myself How to Crochet" book at Roses department store (anyone remember Roses???) and relearned.

Here is a blanket I finished this morning for the daughter my brother and his wife are expecting in January. It's a basic pink grannie square with a pink, fushia, and brown border. I am not into pink, even for my girls, but I know my SIL will love it
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Gosh yes, I'm from a small town and Roses always had a special place in my heart. The one in my hometown is raggedy as hell but it's been there since it was first built....has been there since at least 1970 when I was born. And has managed to survive Walmart killing the town. Needs SERIOUS renovations or a new building, tho.

A new one was just built in my "other hometown" (about 10 mins away; my grandma lives there so I practically lived there too) after the old one was closed decades ago. I was very happy and pleasantly surprised to see it come back bc Walmart killed both towns.....I'm happy to see new Roses being built.

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