People tell me I'm too skinny, but according to "the charts" I'm almost overweight. According to that incredibly stupid "you should be 100lbs if you're 5'0 and add 5lbs for every inch over that", I'm practically obese.
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That rule is dumb. I should weigh about 160 based on that rule - I weigh 150, and I think I am thin, but definitely not skinny. I have extra weight and cellulite on my hips and thighs, and more than I would prefer around my waist too (I have an eternal fight with the muffin top)

Everyone carries their weight differently - it's amazing how two people of the same height and weight can look totally different based on build.

I think Jessica is really pretty normal, but has yoyoed up and down a good bit back and forth between crazy skinny and her natural weight.

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