I haven't been using alot of stylers actually, I only own two gels that I barely use actually. ^^;

I also clarify atleast once or twice a month, so It's not build up...I just shampooed the day before yesterday. And I don't use any products with shea butter in them, or cones. Glycerine agrees with my hair.

While resisting the urge to start cutting my hair off last night I did some googling and discovered that I maybe need to start focusing on moisture, and moisture retention more. I don't know why I didn't think of that as I was just ranting that my hair starting acting crazy again after running out of something had been upping my moisture levels. Then to add the aphogee two step to hair to remedy a DRY hair issue ..-.- I'm so stupid lol I usually never freak out and don't know what the issue is with my hair.

I am going on a full blown moisture regi. for atleast a month or so, with just light protein.
I just about had an anxiety attack while detangling the other day, I lost alot of hair on one side of my head, and now it looks like it's a bit shorter (this is also the side I sleep on so it's already different)....and I had a tiny set back in my nape area, nothing major but it is just different. I am usually sooooooo careful but I was just tired and frustrated while doing my hair that day, I don't know why. :/

I am wondering though, do you think it's possible for a conditioner to have a PH too high to penetrate and moisturize your hair? >.< I think that is the issue I'm having with my DC right now.