Maybe try cutting out the protein. It may not make your hair hard immediately - my hair felt great after protein treatments too, but cutting them out has been the best thing I've ever done for my hair. The awesome feeling it gave my hair didn't last and my hair always went back to being dry. Your hair may like it, but maybe it's just built up too much.

As for the deep conditioner maybe your hair is low-porosity? Do you know it's properties?
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I can't cut out protein, for one the strands of my hair are fine and protein keeps them pliable and strong..and two, I have a chemical treatment in my hair.

I didn't want to mention the chemical treatment since I had been natural for 19 years before getting it done (I'm 21 now). before I got it I researched the chemical used, the process and the salon, the process is like a curly perm with liquid thio.
Only instead of being a double process, your hair is only processed once (like a texlax I guess) and the chemical is not as strong nor does it have as high as pH as sodium hydroxide. So the only real outcome of this process is the curl pattern is loosened yet much of your texture stays the same. My natural texture is 4A with a few 3C patches in the front of my hair. Medium thickness strands, high density.

Anyways the chemical I believe isn't the issue. ^^

But I do believe I need to learn the porosity of my hair. I never bothered because my hair seemed to fit the properties of both, my hair doesn't take super long to dry, but it doesn't dry insanely fast either. Yet my hair does seem to not be reacting or absorbing the higher pH deep conditioner. It sorta just works as a light styler on my hair when left on.

Do you think low porosity hair would not react to products of a higher pH?

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