I had just posted on my Facebook about Elf on a Shelf a few days ago. I find the concept cute, i wish they were around when my boys were little! i can just imagine all the fun i would of had our elf do!

I had posted on my Facebook how I was able to have a reminder for my boys not to be naughty when they were little despite not having an elf. See, My husband works at the coal docks and back then he was the scope operator, (his job was actually loading the coal into the boats) I told our boys that Santa's Naughty list was posting up daily at the docks so they would know how much coal Santa would be needing Christmas eve. I had explained that if your naughty, your name can get off the list if you show you were sorry and started being super good your name would just vanish off the list. Some days I I would tell them dad saw their name on the list and they redirected themselves to being good real quick. They are older now ( 19, 18, 16, and 15) and to this day they get a kick out of me telling them Christmas morning they are so lucky that their daddy took their name off that coal list
CG on 2/16/2010
My curls looks like the 3a pictures
Hair length is to my bra strap, it's fine textured, but the density is thick, not much elasticity, Naturally Blonde but Color treated because of graying going on

My hair loves
coconut oil
Homemade FSG
Hair one for my co wash
Ecostyler olive oil

Princess Brandy Brat, Chief Jewel Crafter and Royal Nanny to the Court of the Red and White Rose for the Order of the Curly Crusaders.