I don't need to cut anything off as I am not transitioning, I have been natural for 19 years as I've said, and am only 21 now. I have had this process for two years now and have only had one touch up. I have not had any issues before this current issue which does seem to be using too much protein.

I've been natural for my entire life unlike most women, so I am pretty good at pin pointing issues with my hair. (I should also add that my hair doesn't suffer from length retention issues either) I am not new to curly, or natural hair at all.

I know all about ACV rinses, and other PH balancing rinses, I even own testing strips, I've done them in the past when I was trying out different things and hated all of it.

I think I have the issue down pact, since it is not an on-going issue, it's a moisture issue, and using too much protein. My hair seems to fit the description of low porosity hair, where it takes longer to absorb product. The DC I use currently rinses very clean from hair, and I realize that maybe my hair would be better of with a coating of some sort left behind, maybe not a cone but a heavy butter or oil, which my DC lacks.

So I think I am just going to be focusing on moisture for the time being and slowly add in protein treatments to avoid over moisturizing my hair.

Thank you guys for your input
Sometimes I just need to vent, and re-read to find the source of the problem. ^^

Unless you've already trimmed/cut off all the chemically processed hair, I wouldn't assume it isn't playing a factor. If you have, great. If you haven't, you might want to trim or cut it now. Even something as mild as a demi-permanent color process can make hair over-porous and prone to all sorts of problems.

An ACV rinse (directions can be found on site) often works to restore pH balance, so you can first give that a try, but I doubt that's your whole problem.

I agree with you about checking your hair's properties, porosity in particular. Since you said you've lost elasticity, sounds like protein is probably not the culprit, but SpiralSpunk could be right and I could be wrong. Here's something you can do to try and figure out whether you're on protein overload, or need more moisture: First, do that clarifying wash to get everything out. Next, take a few samples of your hair from different areas of your head. DT with a quality conditioner that contains no protein. When done, take more samples of your hair. Is there more elasticity in your post-treatment hair? Less? The same? See how the hair on your head responds too.

A telltale sign of over-hydrated hair (hygral fatigue) is your hair will take even longer to dry after your DT, and it will have lost elasticity with "wilted" curl. It may also feel "spongy" ... If you see little to no difference w/this experiment, try another protein treatment - a serious reconstructor, like Aphogee or K-pak, leaving it on for 15-30 min.s - and repeat the steps above (hair samples) to gauge changes. A protein reaction includes stiff, dry hair that feels brittle and may even break off in places. So if it feels even more stiff and dry, protein could indeed be the culprit and you'd need to back off from that for a while until your hair is more balanced.
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