I am a newbe so please forgive me if these questions have been asked 1000 times.

I am trying to transition as I believe my hair may be healthier after. I have think healthy hair now, however, I dont want to feel like I have to rely on relaxers when I do want my hair strait. After some researching I see that going natural also leaves room for versatility.
In between relaxers I sometimes go wash and go. my hair waves up when air dried. looks beautiful the first day but the next day looks dry, stringy, and i can only repeat the look by washing my hair again. also my new growth gets extra dry and starts to break. Is there a moisturizing product I can use that will keep my hair moist specially new growth WITHOUT weighing it down? If I could find that it would help my transition.

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There are some forums here where you might find more targeted info (along with this thread): "Transitioning" or "Straightening / relaxing" forums. Also, the "4a" and "4b" forums are terrific for info/advice about transitioning from relaxers (among many other things). There are a lot of really knowledgable posters in those forums and you don't have to have type 4a or 4b hair to benefit.

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