Hello im from Mexico, sorry for the bad English, I have wavy hair, I follow the CG method, I have doubts about the low poo shampoo without sulfates, I want to use only once a week, but is only used on the scalp? or you can use the scalp and throughout the hair?
2b-2c type hair.
CG since october 2012.
Co wash: VO5 Conditioner Two times a week.
Low Pow: Loreal Ever Sleek once a week (scalp only).
Rinse out conditioner: VO5 conditioner.
Deep Conditioner: Naturaleza y Vida Mascarilla hidratante de aloe y enebro, once a week.
Leave in: VO5 conditioner half water half conditioner.
Gel: VO5 gel light hold.
Mousse: Caprice Rizos Definidos.
My hair love plopping!.

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