I don't need to cut anything off as I am not transitioning, I have been natural for 19 years as I've said, and am only 21 now.
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Some ppl still haven't grown/cut out chemically treated hair in two year time. That's why I asked.

I have had this process for two years now and have only had one touch up. I have not had any issues before this current issue which does seem to be using too much protein.
This means you've processed your hair twice in two years (a touch up counts as a chemical service). That can cause some damage. Not sure if it did in your case or not.

I've been natural for my entire life unlike most women, so I am pretty good at pin pointing issues with my hair. (I should also add that my hair doesn't suffer from length retention issues either) I am not new to curly, or natural hair at all.

I know all about ACV rinses, and other PH balancing rinses, I even own testing strips, I've done them in the past when I was trying out different things and hated all of it.
Just so you don't think I'm being condescending toward you: When I respond to posted questions, I do so with the assumption that the person asking may not be familiar w/everything out there (I have no way of knowing what the scope of your knowledge is ahead of time). I also post w/the understanding that there may be someone else w/the same question that could benefit from reading any info we all give. Anyway, I'm sorry these rinses didn't seem to help your hair and good luck with caring for your hair.

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