So Knotty, do you think that there could be "cones" or some other ingredient in those products that could be causing build-up, which would then in-turn, no longer work so well? Hmmm...

So, not diffuse, huh? I diffuse all of the time, recently, I have been able to diffuse on HIGH power, warm temp, without frizz, but again, once I SOTC, the look doesn't last. The other morning I mixed my Biotera with some LA Looks Sport Gel for perhaps more "hold"; it made my hair "curlier", but the hold wasn't much better. It seemed too producty.

Maybe in the morning I will try less gel mixture and refrain from diffusing. I will let you know how it turns out. You guys chime in anytime!
2C, Medium Density, Coarse--so I am assuming I am Low Porosity

Low-poo: Queen Helene's Mint Julep mixed with Tresemme Naturals NM Condish, Trader Joe's Refresh
Co-wash: VO5 HE Clarifying Condish Kiwi Lime, Tresemme Naturals NM Condish
RO/LI: GFTN mixed with GVPCB, Tresemme Naturals NM Condish
Stylers: Sally's Biotera Firm Hold Styling Gel, LALooks Sport Gel
DT: Pre-poo with honey and coconut oil, low poo, ACV rinse, Sally's GVPCB mixed with GFTN