My husband has been politely curious and supportive about my transition. I didn't straighten or blow dry my hair, I've been embracing my curls for most of my life, so my change has been In product choice and technique. The change has been amazing, my hair looks and feels so much better. Sometimes he notices the difference, but mostly I think he just likes that I'm happy and feel pretty!

On the other hand, I tried telling my mom and lead with "I haven't brushed my hair in over a month!" She didn't even glance at my hair, she just snidely asked if I was trying to grow dreads... I wanted to reply that if I was going for dreads I would have made some progress towards that in a months time. Instead I explained the CG method and she then admitted that my hair did seem healthier.

The best reaction is from the women I work with who think it is fantastic and want to try it on their curly haired kids!