I use Simple brand face wash gel. It has very few ingredients but after washing it makes my cheeks and sides of the face dry. I've used olay sensitive skin face wash and it was worse. i basically look for things that have very few ingredients and no scent if possible. I don't even wear makeup besides eye makeup to lower the chances of breakouts. I use benzoyl peroxide twice a day on each side of my chin where i will get monthly hormonal breakouts(much much better since using the benzoyl but not 100 percent)I had tried dove bar soap but i've heard it clogs pores..not sure if it did for me or not.with this very minimal regimen my face is usually always clear.
but i really need a moisturizer!or a gentler cleanser maybe?
hair products. i use minimal products here too,to the detriment of my hair but i'd rather have a clear face than perfect hair. so my hair is probably undermoisturized also. i have a list of comedogenic products so i try to always avoid them.
i've heard of the OCM method but i'm scared to death to put oil on my face!!
I saw a moisturizer today and there aren't any ingredients that are ranked as comedogenic BUT the first ingred is mineral oil so i'm scared to use it.
when you say cetaphil,do you mean the moisturizing lotion or the facewash?