I've been trying to talk my mother into the CG method, as i have a 3 year old sister who has gor the most aodrable curls i've ever seen and i don't wabt my mom to destroy them by using agressive chemical products.
She only washes her hair once a week and during the restant 6 days she does NOTHING to her hair, no mosturizing, no dc, no pt.... It's making me really sad to see my sisters hair being destroyed like this! (last week my mom even had to cut some of her hair off because she had really bad dreadlocks at some spots)

I ordered deva no poo and one conditioner for me a few weeks ago and paid about 40€ (12oz) with shipping. Asked her if she also wanted me to order them for my sister (as i don't live at home anymore and she can't use mine with me) and she told me that 40€ is too expensive for hair products - i'd be ok with it, if i didn't knew that she pays 30€ every week for getting her hair straightened!!
I wish i could afford buying my sisters hair products, but i haven't been able to find any good and affordable products here in austria yet.

Sorry about letting my frustration out, but there isn't anyone else with whom i could "talk" about it...my friends think i'm exagerating and shouldn't mind because in the end it's just hair ...

Do you think i'm over reacting on this?

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